A rare sight in Coronado. This ‘pier’ or what once was a part of a boat landing harbor, is usually fully covered by sand or barely visible. Sometimes though, after a good storm it’ll reveal itself like it did today. It is located on the beach right in front of the famous Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Beach.

The specific historical facts on it are hard to find and a bit of a mystery. Several locals report playing on it, calling it a pier, when they were young. But after searching through archives I’ve only been able to find photos of it as part of a landing harbor, with a pier being just a bit south of it. That pier isn’t there anymore and story is it was burned because the upkeep was too expensive.

The location of the actual pier was just beyond these rocks. Now, in that same direction and area and during low tide after a good storm, you might get lucky enough to see the famous shipwreck, the USS Monte Carlo. She was called the ‘worlds greatest pleasure ship’ in the 1930’s offering parties and gambling. In 1937 a bad storm loosened the ship from her mooring and she crashed onto the beach and stayed there. Legend has it that treasure can still to be found on there!

There isn’t much to her now.

But she’s somewhere under those waves today.

Coronado beach has been voted among the top beaches in the US many times. There’s a lot of history and beauty here and it’s definitely worth a visit. If you have time walk to central beach and climb over the dunes there. You’ll notice each dune is a letter and together they spell out C-O-R-O-N-A-D-O. In 1988 a local city worker, Armando Moreno, was tasked with cleaning up kelp on the beach and over a period of 2 years he formed the letters by burying the kelp and covering it with sand and then planting ice plants on top.

After all that climbing head to Hotel Del Coronado for a drink or s’mores on the beach or visit one of the many really great restaurants just a block away.


A must do in Los Angeles

There’s so much to do in L.A and planning a stay there can be overwhelming. There are the obvious choices like the theme parks most people like to visit, Hollywood, Walk of Fame etc. But if you’ve read any of my other posts you know that I prefer less crowded places and those are hard to find there. I lived in Venice once (yes, very crowded) close to the Marina and I tend to venture back there when I go because of friends in the area. But also because Venice offers my most favorite thing to do in L.A. which is renting a bike and riding the bike lane either north towards Malibu (the farther you go, the less people) or south as far as you can handle going… or until the bike rental shop closes. You can rent a bike on pretty much any block in Venice or right in the parking lots in Santa Monica. Ask for a basket and bring water.

Muscle Beach is good place to start. There’s a parking lot just south of it by Venice Blvd. on the beach. If you like watching bodybuilding this spot will satisfy that need. It’s been located in the heart of Venice since 1963 and has hosted many famous bodybuilders and bodybuilding competitions.

As you head North you’ll get to ride under the iconic double-jointed Santa Monica Pier. It’s over a 100 years old and offers an aquarium, a video arcade, shops and restaurants, street performers and an original carousel from 1922. I like to stop here, go have a snack or two and maybe ride that red and yellow Ferris wheel or the roller coaster sometimes. It is probably one of the shortest roller coaster rides ever, but it’s pretty cool to go on rides on a pier over the water.

If you’re here during the summer when it’s really crowded watch out for pedestrians as you come out from under the pier.

After passing the pier, keep going north. You’ll see this really cute purple and pink house (favorite!) and then a little further up a new playground opened recently. I’d never get in the way of any child playing, so if there aren’t too many little kids in there a quick stop … is fun!

I love the area north of the playground. It’s less crowded and often it’ll feel like you have the place all to yourself. The ocean, the sand, the bike lane and then on the other side Santa Monica Mountains and the city.

I hope to see you out there on a bike! Next stop, my second favorite thing to do in L.A., hiking the trails by the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign.

Happy Place

How could I not want to jump in? The beauty is overwhelming. The blue so incredibly inviting. How to resist?
How to resist… one of the biggest challenges in life. But why resist? Why not enjoy, jump into it, whatever ‘it’ is, while it’s possible? And live every moment remembering just how fleeting they are.
I push all thoughts of the icy water into the back of my mind and climb down.

I’m at Point Mugu State Park. It is windy and there’s a little chill in the air … It is winter after all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean cold in Southern California. Right now there’s snow in the mountains an hour from here, but here at the beach that is extremely rare. I remember hail a few times but that is the coldest I can recall. Point Mugu Rock and beach are worth a stop if you’re driving through the Los Angeles area. Follow PCH Between Ventura and Malibu and you can’t miss it. (15 miles south of Oxnard) The views never disappoint. I often spot dolphins surfing the waves, pelicans, sea lions and harbor seals. Sometimes, on a real clear day, you might be able to spot a whale or two.

There are hiking trails right next the beach. 70 breathtaking miles of them! The hike from La Jolla Canyon to the top of Point Mugu (1,260 ft) and back is about 6 miles and fairly strenuous. If you’re up for a much longer hike there’s La Jolla Canyon loop. Get there early in the summer for a parking spot by La Jolla Canyon, but make sure to check for local updates on the trails before heading out as they can be closed due to damage / fires.

I’ll never tire of this view. Far enough away from the city to not be bothered by the noise and the busyness and doings of everyone. This is my escape from the planned events and must do’s.

We have one life. Just this one. Why aren’t we running like we’re being chased towards the wildest adventures our mind can imagine?

I jump down and I roll up my leggings as far as i can…

Wow Love

in the sand
2 together
Joined you can tell
by a small space, just
big enough,
for those 2 to be holding hands.
They walked
as far as you can see
right where the water reaches for
the warm dry sand.
But it’s cold and windy this time a year
these two didn’t care.
I wondered who they were and
if they had been lucky
enough to find that
Wow kind of love.
That love that’s so rare
So pure
Loyal, yet free
Soft and kind, yet so
unbelievably strong that
it could
Never break.
That love. That Wow

Then I saw them
returning from
wherever they went
down the shore.
She laughed and ran
into the ice cold water as
the wind blew her long hair in all directions.
He watched, reluctant… or maybe
admiring, but only for
a short moment, then
he followed her.
They laughed,
And I swear I saw a soft
light surround them
like a blanket of
friendship, of respect,
togetherness, of
a destined forever.
I was looking at it
witnessing it… that
Wow love.

I left before they
saw me, not wanting to
but I watched as they
strolled, arm in arm, back to their
he opened the door
for her and he kissed
her softly before he
closed it.
I saw him smiling, big,
as he walked quickly
around the car.

I smiled too.
I’m still smiling
Those 2 together alone on a
beach that is always
bustling with people.
Those footsteps in the
And Only those…

© Susanne Harring

If you’re in the Los Angeles area a visit to Venice Beach is a must! If you’re visiting during the Holidays you’re in for a treat. There’s a sort of hidden and very special part of Venice that is lit up and decorated in a very unique and thoughtful way. The Venice Canals.

The canals were founded in 1905 by tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney. He dug several miles of canals to create a European feel in the famous beach town. Many of these canals were filled in 1929 but some still remain, creating a quaint, charming and quiet little neighborhood. And a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the Venice boardwalk. Almost every home has a small dock and a few boats in the water. There are 9 unique bridges over the canals and each Christmas these are decorated with different themes and lights.

Today, Abbot Kinneys presence is still felt in Venice as you can walk down Abbot Kinney Blvd, a short walk from the canals, and shop at trendy boutiques, grab a bite to eat and look at amazing art at the ‘coolest block in America’.

After watching the always beautiful sunset at the beach head down Venice Blvd. The canals are kind of hidden but you’ll see them on your right shortly after passing Pacific.

Most of the wishes were made for other people. For friends and family and for other peoples good health and fortune. Unselfish wishes. Wishes made with kindness and care… so special and so beautiful, touching and fitting for this season of giving.

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