About Me

I live in a bustling, overcrowded big city,  surrounded by cars, sirens, and millions of people.  I love it but I thrive finding quiet little wilderness spots where my ears can rest and I can breathe calmly. And my thoughts, those untamed wild adventurous ones,  get to run free.  

I didn’t grow up like this.  I grew up spending most of my free time deep in the woods by myself in the cold Nordic countries of Scandinavia surrounded by silence, dreaming of adventuring and conquering the world like my ancestors did.  And now I’m doing it – except peacefully! Taking each step carefully, thoughtfully, and enjoying every encounter and taking in all the beauty of this world fully. 

I hope you enjoy my adventures.  See you out there! 

Love and Hugs! 


33 Comments on “About Me

  1. Good plan. I think we all need to have an escape from the normal routine of life, especially when we’re constantly around the hustle, bustle, sirens, traffic and so many other things that work on our psyche.

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  2. Wonderful view on life, love, and nature! Thanks for reminding us to embrace some of the many “little” wonders of the world, wherever we are.

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