Bean Hollow Beach

There are so many incredible beaches to visit when driving up Pacific Coast Hwy. Choosing which to stop at is not exactly easy, but we decided to leave the beautiful sandy beaches alone this time and aim for the more rocky and different ones, and I’m glad we did, because Bean Hollow really stood out.

Appearing to be marching onto the shores of Bean Hollow from the depths of the ocean these cute green haired inhabitants makes you feel like you’re visiting another universe.

But what makes the beach really different is the Tafoni. Tafoni is a weathering of stone that creates the formations in the photos below. These windblown rocks have amazing patterns and holes and if you spend a little time staring at them you can find many different images in them, like dragons…

The tide pools are a lot of fun to explore. You can find sea urchins, crabs, anemones and small fish. If possible, try to time your visit during low tide.

The rocks can be pretty slippery, so wear good shoes or go barefoot.

This beach is about 20 minutes south of Half Moon Bay, and near Pescadero and it’s surrounding farmland where you’ll see rows after rows of artichoke. Be sure to stop in town for some fresh artichoke and artichoke bread.

32 Comments on “Bean Hollow Beach

  1. Your a lucky woman to see those places, but….. you didn´t take me because you have a boyfriend, come on now? I´m much better looking thant him, healthier for suuuure, and….fogot 😉
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing those pictures, at least I can see the world while sitting down behind a computer, Muuuuuuuch love!


  2. One of my hangouts when I was a teen. Used to drive my Chevy Nova from San Mateo to Half Moon Bay and the south to Bean Hollow.


  3. Although I hate rocky / stony beaches, but this one is the best of them. Seriously. It looks just unworldly.. The strange alien plants inhabiting the unknown geological formation..!! Stunning.. Beautiful beyond measure.. 😀
    Many thanks once again for sharing..!!


      • Haha.. Right you are.. 😍😊
        Well, you need not thank me for your own amazing writing skills and the thirst to explore more.. 😊
        Still, you are welcome.. 🤗😊

        Liked by 1 person

            • Your blog makes me feel not worthy!! 😉😄 just kidding, we all have different styles and thank goodness for that right? Otherwise it’d get boring real fast!
              But actually there’s some truth there. It’s really very impressive how you organize your blogs. I’ve never seen anything like it. I am learning a lot from how you set things up and sort information. You make it so clear.
              Also… your photographs are beautiful and the stories you tell along with them are wonderful. Makes me want to go!


            • I find myself at a loss of words to respond to such a glorious praise.. 🥰☺️
              Thank you a million times over .. ☺️ but I believe I draw my inspiration for discovery from your photographs, information and your spirit of discovery.. and I believe that you are being quite modest.. Yours is way better, anyday..!! 😁


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