Comic-Con San Diego

Comic-con is a colorful circus of imagination, the totally unexpected and bizarre, mixed with books, toys, gadgets, meeting favorite characters and the freedom of expression. It’s about the comics and everything related to this culture, including meeting creators, authors and artists.

2019 was the 50th anniversary of Comic-Con and it seems to grow larger every year. This year approximately 200,000 people were expected to attend bringing a $150 million profit to the city! Crazy crowded and throbbing with life, massive, I know…I’m not a crowd person, but I still go.

Get your costumes, face paint and badges ready because you’ll be drawn into everything pop culture, imagination and art. Every star and talent behind every big movie of the year will be there. But… tickets are super hard to get. You’ll have to register now to be allowed to try to buy tickets in a few months (they’ll send you an email with exact date) for next summer. You’ll spent a few hours in a online waiting room, biting your nails while watching specific days get sold out, but with some luck you might get to buy that Golden Ticket.

It’s so worth it!

There’s so much to see and do, like play patty cake with this guy.

…and going to panels like Scooby Doo where you can ask the crew anything you’d like and watch exclusive trailers, previews and actual footage of new movies/ shows way before anyone else.

Shop for anything comics related, shake a few hands, try new games and learn how it’s done …

Say hi to a few famous people if you’re into that sort of stuff. People wait in lines overnight and for several nights for their favorite panels. There are also long lines for autographs with the stars. I haven’t had those experiences yet. I mainly wander around the exhibit hall and check out books and attend panels with short lines. Maybe next year I’ll try camping out for Hall H where all the big movies are… that’s a pretty big maybe.

If you don’t get tickets there are a lot of things to do outside the convention like visiting the Walking Dead experience this year.
I got a few hugs!

Some of my favorite costumes…

What would you dress up as? Next year I might be a little more fun and go as something… Any suggestions?

A few things…

-Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking and standing a lot.
-Bring lots of snacks. The convention center’s food isn’t the best…
-The bags they give you can’t hold much. Mine ripped this year. Bring your own backpack.
-Plan ahead especially if you plan on attending specific panels.
-Get that registration done. This is something that is fun to attend at least once in your lifetime.

10 Comments on “Comic-Con San Diego

  1. Good post. It is always amazing how creative people can be. I think it is good to escape the real world from time to time. Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good post. It is always amazing how creative people can be. I think it is good to escape the real world from time to time. Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Allan


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