Salvation Mountain

Thousands of mesmerizing little details and every shade of the brightest colors imaginable makes this mountain of religious devotion stand out brighter than the sun in this very hot desert, giving a simple but clear message to it’s visitors, “God is love”.

The artist Leonard Knight spent 28 years single-handedly pouring his soul into this magnificent artwork. You don’t have to be religious at all to appreciate the effort that was put into making it. In 2002 this site was deemed a National Treasure by the Congressional record of the United States. And a treasure it is. The artist Leonard Knight passed a few years ago, but the mountain is up-kept perfectly by a non profit organization.

It’s painted on a mountainside and supported by lots of hay, tires, cement, wood, over half a million gallons of paint and occasionally car doors. You can climb to the top but stay on the yellow path to preserve the art.

The cross, like a beacon of light, stands tall at the top leading the people of the desert towards it.

To the right of the mountain you can go inside a cave like creation of even more devotion. Windows and lots of framed photographs gives you a peek inside the life of the artist and the history of the mountain.

The trees inside are fascinating art in themselves. Don’t forget to take a moment to look up.

Salvation Mountain has been featured in numerous music videos, documentaries and if you’ve ever watched “Into the Wild” you might just recognize it.

A few things…
– A few cans of latex water based paint donations, any color, will be greatly appreciated if you plan a visit.
– It’s hot! Very hot, and there are no stores close by, so bring drinks and snacks.

29 Comments on “Salvation Mountain

  1. Wow! I spent a week bumming around there before taking off into the lower part of Death Valley.

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  2. I think I lost my comment.. I wanted to thank you for sharing this! It inspires me, and I want to make something like this, too, in my backyard.

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