My neighborhood and the green parrots

My mom, the best mom in the whole world of course, thinks I should be more personal here on this blog. She also loves gardening… so I thought, in honor of her, and Mother’s Day, I’d take you along on my (almost) daily walk around the neighborhood and show you some of my favorite things that I get to see and some of the stuff that just makes me smile…
It’s the little things, right? When I go on these walks I focus on everything around me and turn off the thoughts. Being in the moment and taking in all the beauty, sounds and scents around me brings me such peace and is the best start to the day for me.

A few more favorite trees…

And flowers…
My favorite is the Plumeria but they’re not in bloom yet. They’ll be coming up in a blog soon!

And then a few (including a mailbox) that just fascinate me!

I’m a big bird lover and I especially love watching these loud, emerald, red-masked parrots that come to my neighborhood to nest.
Parrots are not native to California and it is thought that these may have been relatives of pets that were brought here once and then released. Others think that they migrated from Mexico, Central and South America.
The tree they’re sitting in here is also really cool. It only blooms for a short time and most of those blooms are eaten by the parrots.
In the last photo here below of them the adult was feeding the now almost full grown chick. I wish I had gotten video of that but they only stopped for a few minutes.

I like to call this my backyard. I love coming here and sitting on these large rocks to watch the sunset. My favorite time of the day…

I’d love to see your neighborhood. If you have a similar post please share in the comments.

104 Comments on “My neighborhood and the green parrots

  1. The second photo with all the palm trunks and foliage amazed me and its a beautiful photo too. We’ve just moved house but in the town we came from I found this old-fashioned “milk bar” and it had loads of character. It wasn’t particularly near where we lived but “neighbourhood” immediately brings this place to mind. The milk bar is across the street from a high school, and situated in a residential area. At:

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    • Thanks for sharing that!! What a cute little milk bar. I want to go see it inside now πŸ˜„
      Thank you πŸ’•Yes the tree in the second photo is definitely on the top of my most favorite. It’s so beautiful and even more mesmerizing in real life.

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  2. From the parrots, I’m guessing you may live somewhere on Pt Loma. I used to live in San Diego (UC and PB) and Pt. Loma was the main place I heard about the wild parrots.

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    • Good guess! I’m pretty close to there. I’ve been told they have a pretty huge flock of them there. There’s only a few around here so catching them posing for photos is not easy πŸ˜„

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  3. Your mom had a great idea to suggest this! (My mom asked me a couple of years ago if I could ‘print out’ my blog for her. I don’t think she understands how it works!) The parrots were my favorite, because what is their true story? Maybe it’s the stories we think up that are best anyway.

    How wonderful to see this walk through your eyes. I don’t have a post of my neighborhood like this, but I did write about a trek I went on in San Jose (and I have one in the works for a walk in Gatlinburg, Tenn.). Let me know what you think! You have some beautiful stuff here. Look forward to reading more.

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    • Thank you so much Eli πŸ’•
      Yes I totally agree about making up our own stories. I saw the parrots again this morning and I got to witness one feeding its nearly fully grown chick. It was such a cool experience. The little treasures in every day life…
      haha.. printing? That could take a while. Sweet ❀️
      Going to check out your post now. Thank you for sharing!!


  4. Having worked as a Gardner, not as a summer job there in the U.S, lived there but IΒ΄m Spanish, I had to be American though. Hard work pays off there much more than in Spain.
    To the point, working as a gardener, which includes, trimming this tree this or that way (an art!), and the rest just to get by in life. That was back bracking work, no wonder my back is bad. Having said that, donΒ΄t know why…. beuatiful flowers and the grass is cut to the milimiter, meaning that is perfect.
    Have a great day.

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    • Thanks for sharing. You’re so right, gardening is like an art and can be very hard work! But the results are so worth it. 🌺
      Have a great day too πŸ’•

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  5. Hi
    Thankyou for showing us around your neibourhood.
    It was good to see.
    Being intouch with nature is very rewarding as you know.So glad you have this ability to see and to let yourself be emersed in the the wonder that is life.πŸ˜€

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    • Thank you for your kind words πŸ’• and for joining me here too! I guess my mom was right then… I should be more personal here πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„ more to come!


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