The Rose and Desert Garden at Balboa Park, San Diego.

Approximately 1600 roses of nearly 130 varieties are displayed in the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden at Balboa Park, and each year new varieties are introduced. You can get here by crossing over Park Blvd on the pedestrian bridge that is right next to the Natural History Museum and the Bea Evenson Fountain.

They are at their peak right now during April and May, but you can still go see them from early spring until December.

The Desert Garden was developed in 1976 and features around 1300 species of cactus, succulents and desert plants. It is right next to the Rose Garden. This area is often called the Cactus Garden, but the actual Cactus garden (established in 1935) is down below the International cottages and worth a visit (and another post!). The peak season for these is a bit earlier than the roses but we still saw a lot of blooms today.

These incredible cacti above here are the size of trees!

There are plenty of paths that allow you access to get around most of the plants. Both the Rose and Desert gardens are free to visit and a beautiful escape from city life.

I have been in this area for a few years now and I have never seen such vibrant colors before.

Balboa Park is a definite Must-Do when in San Diego. You could spend days here and still find new stuff to see. There are 17 museums, an amazing Zoo, and International cottages that represent 32 cultures with more being added soon. You’ll find a Botanical garden, a Japanese garden and tea house, a whole area dedicated to art, archery, food, street performers and artist, trees and plants that will awe you and of course The Old Globe theater and Prado and so much more.
Keep an eye out for more posts on Balboa Park here! I spend a lot of my free time volunteering there and absolutely love the whole area.

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  1. Jeg er glad for at besøge Balboa park, så flot og velpasset, jeg glæder mig allerede til næste besøg 😍

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