Sculptures in Anza-Borrego

Many, many years ago before the Anza-Borrego desert was a desert it was bustling with life, forests and lakes. Fossils from a large variety of animals like saber-tooth cats, mammoths and even camels, have been found in the area.

A lot of these animals that have called Anza-Borrego their home are now recreated into large, extremely impressive and very artistic, metal sculptures made by Ricardo Breceda. Over 130 of them, and even though word around Borrego is that no more are being made, sometimes new ones still pop up.

Combining the colorful history of the area with myth Ricardo also created fantasy sculptures made from pure imagination like the huge 350 ft sea serpent, you can see above here, swimming happily in the desert sand. If you’re lucky you’ll even spot a few historical characters like cowboys, Native Americans and even a full sized stagecoach. Every single one of these sculptures are worth a visit. Be ready to travel on sandy roads and walk a lot.

If you’re interested in more on this artist there’s a book out called “Ricardo Breceda: Accidental Artist”

The Sea Serpent up close

The drive to the desert can be very entertaining. You can stop at a camel farm, Oasis Camel Dairy, for camel milk chocolate, shortly after that you’ll spot buffalo, visit that tall guy below here and the store he stands next to for refreshments (you’re going to want to bring a lot of drinks and snacks with you) and if you have time, a few stops and short hikes in the mountains can surprise you with incredible views.

A few tips…

-If at all possible, go during the week. Weekends can be very crowded in Borrego Springs especially during spring when the wildflowers bloom.
-You’ll be driving on unpaved roads, make sure you’re in a vehicle that can handle that.
-Bring lots of food and drinks. The restaurants can be very crowded.
-Fudge at The Fudge Factory in town.
-If you’re staying for dinner around the area and the waits are not too long, try Coyote Steakhouse or you can take the 78 up to Julian and have some great apple pie for desert…

21 Comments on “Sculptures in Anza-Borrego

  1. I like your way of life.
    I like your way of thinking.
    I like your trips.
    I like your beautiful photos.
    But … Pay a lot of attention when you arrive to the underdeveloped countries..We must not be the victim of our naifity

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  2. Hvad kan man sige, det HELE er flot, specielt den specielle skulptur der er med på mange af billeder 🙂

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  3. Those sculptures are fantastic! I was trying to choose a fave, but it’s hard to choose just one.

    I’d never heard of this park before, so I check it out on google maps. It’s quite big!

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  4. I live near here and never heard of this park either…wow! Is it easy to get there for a 4 yr old? I’m thinking of taking my granddaughter there.☺️❤️️

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    • I think the 4 year old would love it!! Especially the Sea serpent. I hope you’ll have a great time! You can stop in at borrego visitors center for a detailed map you can follow. Great people there.


      • I took her to the Living Desert during Christmas when they had thousands of lights. It was spectacular. But, they had a couple of dinosaurs statues there, she was a bit scared. at first..they looked so real. I know she would love to go to borrego and see all those! Thank you so much for the info ☺️❤️️❤️️


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