Three Sisters Falls

Named after the triple set of waterfalls Three Sisters will not disappoint as one of the best waterfalls to visit in southern California after a good rain.

Even though this hike is not very long (4.5 miles) it is rated moderate with an elevation change of a 1000 feet and can be fairly challenging. Getting there is down hill the whole way so you’ll have plenty of energy to stop and take in the area which will awe you with it’s beauty.

We almost had the place to ourselves early in the morning.

The view of the falls from different spots along the way will take your breath away…

…and so will the vegetation

This was the old route to the falls where hikers would have to climb up / down using ropes, but the Forrest Service (A big thank you to these people) recently created a much safer trail just above this making it much easier to reach the falls.

You will still have to climb a little and the closer you get the more slippery the rocks can be.

When you arrive you’ll face this rock wall and it’s slippery. I recommend following the mud trail on top and then sliding down the side close to the waterfall. I didn’t do that… and had a hard time crawling sideways across it but made it without tumbling into the water. Thankfully..!

We started the hike pretty early and spent a few hours enjoying the area. The water was brutally cold at first but we got used to it. Take off those shoes and put your feet in. It’s clean and refreshing.

You can climb up the right side of the upper waterfall for a better view from above. This climb is challenging and not recommended unless you have experience doing this. Several hikers have been airlifted out of this area due to falling accidents so be very careful. But if you’re interested in mountain climbing and rock traversing you’ll love this part.

The Upper waterfall

There’s a bit of rock climbing involved in getting to the lower pool. To me, it was easier to do this barefoot as I felt I had a better grip on the otherwise slippery rocks by the water.

Relaxing and refueling before the hike back up.

The trail can be pretty narrow in some spots, keep this in mind if you want to bring dogs. It can be difficult to pull a pet to the side to let others pass. The hike up is a lot more fun with friends but don’t forget to bring lots of water and snacks for everyone. Most rescues here are due to heat, so be prepared and rest when you need it.

Taking a little break close to the end of the hike… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just a few things…
– There’s about 10 miles of fairly rough dirt road before reaching the trail head. We also had to cross a flooded road on the day we went. Go in a vehicle that can handle that.
– Arrive early. This will make parking easier and you’ll avoid the hottest part of the day.
– You do not need a permit for this hike.
– There are no restrooms, only a few porta potties by the trail head.
– Wear hiking shoes with a good grip because the rocks can be pretty slippery.
– Best time to go is winter and spring.

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  1. Det ser dejligt ud, hvornรฅr laver de rulletrapper, ๐Ÿ˜„ nej, det var bare pjat, men det lyder lidt for voldsomt til at vi kan vรฆre med ๐Ÿ˜˜

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