Sunset Cliffs San Diego

The peaceful feeling you get when you get out of your car and start strolling down the 1.7 mile trail is just incomparable. This is the perfect spot to take your date any time of the day for a picnic or to – you guessed it – watch an amazing sunset. Bring your camera!

There’s a lot to look at in the area. You can climb down the sandstone cliff on the steep access stairs and then slide / jump / climb over rocks at the bottom to reach the beach in the picture above here. It’s called Garbage Beach because it was once used as a landfill for locals. That was a long time ago though, so don’t let that name stop you from going. It’s definitely worth a visit. Best time to visit is during low tide.

Let the ocean splash you…

Watch local wildlife. This specific birds is named ‘Stumpy’ by locals. Keep an eye out for him.


Or just take in all the different scenery with people you care about.

Maybe spend some time thinking of someone you love …

The most incredible sunset pictures can be taken from inside this cave. The challenge is getting in there! It can be accessed from Garbage Beach during low tide but you’ll still be walking through a bit of water. And be sure you make it back before the tide comes in.

The trail is easy, but if you want more of a hike, I recommend continuing south and following the trails closer to the cliffs (not the main trail). You’ll pass through a tree tunnel which leads to a soccer field. Cross it, and you can keep going a long ways. There’s also a nice sandy beach with a remote wilderness feel to it here that you can visit.

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  1. Beautiful post! I think that’s right by where I used to live 25 yrs ago briefly when my husband was in the navy. Isn’t that right next to Point Loma?

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