Coronado Beach after a winter storm

A rare sight in Coronado. This ‘pier’ or what once was a part of a boat landing harbor, is usually fully covered by sand or barely visible. Sometimes though, after a good storm it’ll reveal itself like it did today. It is located on the beach right in front of the famous Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Beach.

The specific historical facts on it are hard to find and a bit of a mystery. Several locals report playing on it, calling it a pier, when they were young. But after searching through archives I’ve only been able to find photos of it as part of a landing harbor, with a pier being just a bit south of it. That pier isn’t there anymore and story is it was burned because the upkeep was too expensive.

The location of the actual pier was just beyond these rocks. Now, in that same direction and area and during low tide after a good storm, you might get lucky enough to see the famous shipwreck, the USS Monte Carlo. She was called the ‘worlds greatest pleasure ship’ in the 1930’s offering parties and gambling. In 1937 a bad storm loosened the ship from her mooring and she crashed onto the beach and stayed there. Legend has it that treasure can still to be found on there!

There isn’t much to her now.

But she’s somewhere under those waves today.

Coronado beach has been voted among the top beaches in the US many times. There’s a lot of history and beauty here and it’s definitely worth a visit. If you have time walk to central beach and climb over the dunes there. You’ll notice each dune is a letter and together they spell out C-O-R-O-N-A-D-O. In 1988 a local city worker, Armando Moreno, was tasked with cleaning up kelp on the beach and over a period of 2 years he formed the letters by burying the kelp and covering it with sand and then planting ice plants on top.

After all that climbing head to Hotel Del Coronado for a drink or s’mores on the beach or visit one of the many really great restaurants just a block away.

16 Comments on “Coronado Beach after a winter storm

  1. I have been to Coronado twice and combed the beach you show here-though I also was without a metal detector. My son lived in San Diego, as his US Navy home base, from 2011-2017, so it is like home away from home. I will be sure to stop in my favourite sections- La Jolla and Ocean Beach, on a 3-day visit to So Cal, over President’s Day weekend.

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  2. I love Coronado. My favorite restaurant is Peohe’s over by the Ferry Landing. It is also a great place to watch the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights in December.

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      • No. I’ve heard it’s wonderful, but Coronado gets too claustrophobic for me on summer weekends and holidays. Orange Avenue backs up through multiple light cycles. Will be back in San Diego n next month. I’ll look for you in Coronado or around the Beach.

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