A must do in Los Angeles

There’s so much to do in L.A and planning a stay there can be overwhelming. There are the obvious choices like the theme parks most people like to visit, Hollywood, Walk of Fame etc. But if you’ve read any of my other posts you know that I prefer less crowded places and those are hard to find there. I lived in Venice once (yes, very crowded) close to the Marina and I tend to venture back there when I go because of friends in the area. But also because Venice offers my most favorite thing to do in L.A. which is renting a bike and riding the bike lane either north towards Malibu (the farther you go, the less people) or south as far as you can handle going… or until the bike rental shop closes. You can rent a bike on pretty much any block in Venice or right in the parking lots in Santa Monica. Ask for a basket and bring water.

Muscle Beach is good place to start. There’s a parking lot just south of it by Venice Blvd. on the beach. If you like watching bodybuilding this spot will satisfy that need. It’s been located in the heart of Venice since 1963 and has hosted many famous bodybuilders and bodybuilding competitions.

As you head North you’ll get to ride under the iconic double-jointed Santa Monica Pier. It’s over a 100 years old and offers an aquarium, a video arcade, shops and restaurants, street performers and an original carousel from 1922. I like to stop here, go have a snack or two and maybe ride that red and yellow Ferris wheel or the roller coaster sometimes. It is probably one of the shortest roller coaster rides ever, but it’s pretty cool to go on rides on a pier over the water.

If you’re here during the summer when it’s really crowded watch out for pedestrians as you come out from under the pier.

After passing the pier, keep going north. You’ll see this really cute purple and pink house (favorite!) and then a little further up a new playground opened recently. I’d never get in the way of any child playing, so if there aren’t too many little kids in there a quick stop … is fun!

I love the area north of the playground. It’s less crowded and often it’ll feel like you have the place all to yourself. The ocean, the sand, the bike lane and then on the other side Santa Monica Mountains and the city.

I hope to see you out there on a bike! Next stop, my second favorite thing to do in L.A., hiking the trails by the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign.

7 Comments on “A must do in Los Angeles

  1. A definite “must” indeed! Great post and pictures. Even being a local, I love to spend time between Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach taking photographs, and enjoying the vibe.

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