Happy Place

How could I not want to jump in? The beauty is overwhelming. The blue so incredibly inviting. How to resist?
How to resist… one of the biggest challenges in life. But why resist? Why not enjoy, jump into it, whatever ‘it’ is, while it’s possible? And live every moment remembering just how fleeting they are.
I push all thoughts of the icy water into the back of my mind and climb down.

I’m at Point Mugu State Park. It is windy and there’s a little chill in the air … It is winter after all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean cold in Southern California. Right now there’s snow in the mountains an hour from here, but here at the beach that is extremely rare. I remember hail a few times but that is the coldest I can recall. Point Mugu Rock and beach are worth a stop if you’re driving through the Los Angeles area. Follow PCH Between Ventura and Malibu and you can’t miss it. (15 miles south of Oxnard) The views never disappoint. I often spot dolphins surfing the waves, pelicans, sea lions and harbor seals. Sometimes, on a real clear day, you might be able to spot a whale or two.

There are hiking trails right next the beach. 70 breathtaking miles of them! The hike from La Jolla Canyon to the top of Point Mugu (1,260 ft) and back is about 6 miles and fairly strenuous. If you’re up for a much longer hike there’s La Jolla Canyon loop. Get there early in the summer for a parking spot by La Jolla Canyon, but make sure to check for local updates on the trails before heading out as they can be closed due to damage / fires.

I’ll never tire of this view. Far enough away from the city to not be bothered by the noise and the busyness and doings of everyone. This is my escape from the planned events and must do’s.

We have one life. Just this one. Why aren’t we running like we’re being chased towards the wildest adventures our mind can imagine?

I jump down and I roll up my leggings as far as i can…

4 Comments on “Happy Place

  1. It has been ever so long since I was near those beaches. When I was rather little, we often went to a tiny beach called Balboa Bay? I could get a paddle board and cross over to what appeared to be an island. Another beach we went to was Corona Del Mar. But most often it would be Newport Beach and with any luck take home from The Crab Cooker…
    As one who needs to be near the sea, I am well settled on the Mediterranean.
    Thank you for following one of my blogs.

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