Wow Love

in the sand
2 together
Joined you can tell
by a small space, just
big enough,
for those 2 to be holding hands.
They walked
as far as you can see
right where the water reaches for
the warm dry sand.
But it’s cold and windy this time a year
these two didn’t care.
I wondered who they were and
if they had been lucky
enough to find that
Wow kind of love.
That love that’s so rare
So pure
Loyal, yet free
Soft and kind, yet so
unbelievably strong that
it could
Never break.
That love. That Wow

Then I saw them
returning from
wherever they went
down the shore.
She laughed and ran
into the ice cold water as
the wind blew her long hair in all directions.
He watched, reluctant… or maybe
admiring, but only for
a short moment, then
he followed her.
They laughed,
And I swear I saw a soft
light surround them
like a blanket of
friendship, of respect,
togetherness, of
a destined forever.
I was looking at it
witnessing it… that
Wow love.

I left before they
saw me, not wanting to
but I watched as they
strolled, arm in arm, back to their
he opened the door
for her and he kissed
her softly before he
closed it.
I saw him smiling, big,
as he walked quickly
around the car.

I smiled too.
I’m still smiling
Those 2 together alone on a
beach that is always
bustling with people.
Those footsteps in the
And Only those…

© Susanne Harring

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