Blemishes or Gifts

Not being flawless, but being a character with something not desired, a fault, a carrier of something that does not please the eye like a physical deformity, is not easy these days when everything is photo shopped into perfection. No one wants to look at a small mark that spoils an appearance of something that’s expected to be beautiful. Off to the trash you go. 

Not this Sand Dollar though.  He got to come home with me.  He’ll be the center piece in a collection of many like him I’ve found this year, mixed in with the perfect ones.  A huge variety of them all different and all so beautiful in their own way. They are relatives of sea urchins and star fish and all have a unique story, even legends, to tell.  

This time a year I get to find these around my backyard every once in a while and every time I do I get so excited. Remember if you’re lucky enough to come across one, check it’s color. Live ones are a deep purple, reddish or brown. Then gently flip it over and check to see if it has little ‘legs’ called spines that move.  If it does, you’ve found a live one.  Please set it back into the ocean and place it spine side down. Taking a live one is not only illegal but I’ve been told it also carries a pretty big fine.  If you’ve found one, a gift, without spines that has been bleached to a lighter color by the sun, you can find it’s age by counting the growth rings on the hard skeleton, just like counting the rings on a tree stump.  They can live up to a decade.

Today I found more San Dollars within a few hours than I’ve found in my whole lifetime!

5 Comments on “Blemishes or Gifts

  1. Wow! I love sand dollars and used to have quite a collection. I agree with your assessment about looks and it’s a shame ; blemishes and flaws are beautiful. I think people have always been judged by looks, the scrutiny just reaches a much wider audience in an instance these days. Nature is smarter than us.

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  2. Your post reminded me of the first time I took my kids to a beach on Vancouver Island and how enchanted they were with sand dollars. We came home with quite a collection.

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