Torrey Pines Hiking

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in San Diego is a wide stretch of land surrounded by La Jolla and Del Mar.  It’s one of my most favorite hikes in San Diego and you’ll see me here at least once a month. It offers 8 miles of trails and an amazing view of the ocean.  Parking can be hard to find but come early and enjoy lesser crowds.  Start by hiking up the road to the little visitors center and from there follow the many trails to various viewpoints and end up taking the “more than 100 steps” down to the beach.  If you come during low tide, you can climb up onto Flat Rock for not only a great view but also to see all the shallow tide pools on the rock teeming with life and flourishing plants.  

South of Flat Rock is San Diego’s unofficial nude beach, called Black’s Beach,  if you’re into that sort of thing… Although I was told this practice is now banned on part of the beach by boundary signs. 

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